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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 10, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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richard in south carolina, julius caesar would be the guy because he changed the world. and eric haas writes from alberta, canada, he would like to have dinner with president obama because eric is pretty sure the president would pick up the tab. (laughter) >> i'm picking that up, eric, not him. back to tips of the day, thank you for writing. very interesting reading. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website different from also we'd like to you spout out about the factor, from anywhere in the world and even kazakhstan. and anytime, anytime. word of the dskurrilous, not squirrelous. i i'm bill o'reilly.
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remember, the spin stops here, remember, we're looking out for you. >> and welcome to hahn, the president and his newly formed gun task force continue to plug away taking away your guns and vice-president biden with his task force, they met with gun rights groups at the white house and aiming to have a list of recommendations on president obama's desk by tuesday. but before his meeting with the n.r.a. this afternoon, biden gave us a glimse into what some of those suggestions might be. watch this. >> there's an emerging set of recommendations, not coming from me, but coming from the groups we've met with and i'm focus on the ones that relate primarily to gun ownership, the type of weapons that they
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own. and one is, there's a surprising, so far, a surprising recurrence of suggestions that we have universal background checks. i've never quite heard as much talk about the need to do something about high capacity magazines, as i've heard spontaneously from every group that we've met with so far. and the last area, which is an area at that is-- the whole question of the ability of any federal agency to do any research on the issue of gun violence. >> sean: now, keep in mind, uncle joe made those comments before he met with members of gun rights groups and from the sound of it the meeting was very unproductive. the n.r.a. puts out a statement. we were disappointed how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe
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it had to do with attacking a second amendment and this task force spent most of the time on proposed restrictions on lawful firearm owners honest tax paying hard working americans. we're going to get right to it. joining me now two people in that closed door meeting at the white house earlier today, the president of the independent firearms association, richard feldman and executive director of the firearms import-export round table, johanna reeves is with us. let me start with you, a lot of americans would have liked to have been in that meeting, we see guns sales through the roof and hundreds of thousands of people joining the n.r.a. bring us inside the white house. >> thank you, sean, for having me on your show, i appreciate the opportunity. i agree with what the n.r.a. said, that essentially the meeting was unproductive. i think that most of us had very low expectations going into it. and basically, our presumptions were met.
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i think that he -- he ran the meeting the way he saw fit. we had the opportunity to speak and i think there were a lot of things that we agreed on, but at the end he chose instead to focus on our differences. >> sean: let's go to what it is he might have agreed on. apparently little time was use today discuss how to keep our kids safe in school. i thought that was the purpose after the newtown shooting. what were they specifically saying that you disagreed with? >> well, first of all, there was little discussion on how to keep our children safe. one of the things that vice-president biden mentioned in his press conference, the issue of having a federal agency do research on gun crimes in the industry we have a problem with that, we have concerns because in the past the way that research has been used has been to validate and
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perpetuate gun control. a perfect example of a similar type of analysis and data that is mishandled is traces, gun traces, that atf conducts on firearms and in reality, a gun that is traced only means that it is a gun that atf has handled or local law enforcement, not all trace guns are used in crimes, and the not all guns used in crimes are trace. so, that was one specific area in which we vehemently disagreed. >> sean: let hee go to you, richard. by the way, a lot of this is ironic considering the very same administration at that gave guns to drug runners, kidnappers, killers, and gang members and didn't track them and weren't forth coming when it came to the death of an immigration officer, let's get your perception. you were in the meeting today. what happened and do you agree with the n.r.a. and johanna here?
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>> you know, sean, when we deal with this issue, if we focus on the gun, we miss the opportunity in this country to zero in on the real problem, which is always in whose hand are the guns. and when we ask and craft the question correctly, we find a great deal of agreement. but when we dance around the issue, talking about gun control, which means different things to different people, we never really talk about the problem. and in many ways, we didn't when it came to guns, talk directly about the problem today. >> that's pretty disappointing, johanna. let me go back to you. i'm willing to have a discussion and i don't want to tune into the fox news channel and see a tragedy occur like this again. unfortunately, joe biden said yesterday, if it only saves one life. if it only saves one life we could eliminate cars right now and in the next 15 minutes we'll be saving livelies. we could eliminate knives in people's home and hammers and
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blunt objects of any kind, and that standard doesn't exist. let me ask specifically, was any discussion made about the possibility of putting retired police officers, armed guards in schools? did that come up? >> no. >> sean: mental health issues, did that come up? >> the mental health issues did come up and i think that's one thing we all agree upon. i want to point out, sean, if i may, when you listen to the talk that's going on right now, the discussions, a lot of people on both sides are saying at that we want to make sure that the people who shouldn't have guns don't have access to guns. and i think that that's something that we all agree upon. what's interesting is that the gun control act already has provisions in it that prevent that from happening, but here is the trick. those provisions, to be effective, there has to be implementation on all levels. and that includes enforcement of our laws, so that people who commit crimes are
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convicted. we have people who are mentally defective or who should be institutionallized adjudicated as such. people who should not be in the armed services should be dishonorably discharged. these are disabling pre-have ises and ises-- provisions and if they were implemented on all levels of our judicial system perhaps gun control could work the way it's designed. >> sean: let me ask you both one final question he, a two part question. number one, what was the vice-president's demeanor? how would you describe his attitude during this meeting, number one? and number two, did the issue of bypassing congress and circumventing congress and of course, the second amendment, did those issues come up? those two questions. johanna, i guess we'll start with you. >> they came up in the abstract. vice-president biden did mention the fact that they are looking at executive action. that is one area in particular that the members of my trade
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organization are very concerned about, because one area in particular is imports. and there's a lot of room for the president to act on the area of imports, and so that's an area of concern. >> sean: his demeanor? >> he was -- he was certainly, i mean, this is his living, right? he was very cordial, very friendly. >> sean: at least he wasn't arrogant. >> well, towards the end though his arrogance started to show and in fact, some of the things that we made pointed arguments about, her su dismissed. >> sean, we still live in a democracy and after tuesday this fight is going to move from the white house to capitol hill and that's where the gun owners in this country are going to show their strength, their fortitude and
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what democracy is all about. we are going to be coming out there and this fight is far from over. we're going to be on the hill. we're all going to be involved in this and it's far, far from over. >> sean: all right. thank you both for being with us and sharing your insights about the meeting today. it's very, very, insightful. and we will continue. this is part of saving america. we have a constitution, it is our rule of law, and we are going to make sure that, for example, we have separation of powers. that is one big issue in all of this and we have equal, co-equal branches of government. thank you both. special programming note. tomorrow night they have been outed by the liberal press for being lawful gun owners. tomorrow right here at 9 on hannity we have a live studio audience surprised of those people that were outed by the liberal press. now they want to open up what life has been like for them since the journal news tramped on their privacy and my sit-down with the always outspoken donald trump.
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that's later. what does he think about the upcoming debate and miss alabama and his fight with bill maher. that's a must-see on hannity. a chilling 911 call from a mother forced to shoot an intruder. what the president and media will not tell you how this gun saved this mother's life and her nine year old twins. that 911 tape coming up. >> if he opens that door, you shoot him, do you understand?
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>> welcome back to hannity, now, the white house and those on the left try to figure out how to restrict the rights of gun owners and we have a bone chilling 911 tape that every american needs to hear. accord to go police, belinda herman and her two children, nine-year-old twins, were home alon when an intruder broke into her house use ago crowbar. they went into hiding inside their house in an attic and
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melinda called her husband not home at the time. he called the police and coaching her during the home invasion, listen to the chilling tragedy: >> so, joining me now with reaction to what is hailed as an example after model gun owner, juan williams, co-host of "the five", kimberly
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guilfoyle. >> hi. >> sean: there is moore to this. he broke into the house, with a crowbar. she went into the crawl space. he broke in, and went to the crowbar. if she didn't have a gun, what would have happened. >> she could have called the police. >> sean: she did call. >> she's in her home, and that tonight impact washington. because she was using a .38 i understand it, she is he' nnot using an assault weapon and-- >> right now what we're looking at in this country, what people fear is a gun grab. >> that's paranoia. >> no, it's not. >> it's accurate. >> where have you seen president obama trying to confiscate anybody's-- >> this is a constitutional right, a fundamental right. >> yeah, so. >> that americans have under the second amendment to be
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able to bear arms and to protect ourselves, thank god that she had-- >> do i have a right to walk the streets and feel safe. >> and her husband taught her what to do. >> are you afraid of her. >> no, afraid of a guy adam lanza. >> and save lives and protect people as well. in this instance you could have been looking at a mother with two babies-- >> should been looking at a situation with a woman with a .38 legally owned and properly trained. did what was necessary, nobody in america is arguing that. >> that's a total-- >> one bad guy doing something. >> we have a president that is threatening to use executive orders, which by the way he has done when he didn't have the right to make recess appointments he did it. didn't win on the dream act, did he it there and gave amnesty to people and a whole series of issues that even the government accountability
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office took issue with. what do you say if any changes-- first of all, isn't the constitution clear, juan williams? what part of the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed-- >> the supreme court recently-- >> talking about the heller case-- >> the chicago case. the heller case is the d.c. part of it, but in the chicago case reaffirmed the right of americans to own guns. i disagree with the militia part, but apparently the supreme court, this court thinks that it's part of-- >> is there any part proposed now that would have prevented the tragedy in newtown? >> well, i think that given adam lanza's mental state, and. >> sean: mental health issues and mother shouldn't have left him near a gun. i'm an extremist on this point because i think that someone, if the mother applied should have said, who is in the house and access to guns. i think someone like you, sean, would object to that. >> sean: i think in in her case, those guns should have
9:19 pm
been locked up or not in the house. >> nevertheless, even if the assault gun ban was in effect, it wouldn't have banned the gun that he used. how would it prevent the tragedy, and looked at parenting, mental health issues i'm sure there's plenty of people today they didn't do anything to intervene and i'm in our never thought this occurred-- >> how do we protect our money? >> how do we protect our money? >> armed guards, right. >> how do we protect our president, cabinet, politicians, armed guards. hollywood stars, armed guards. so, why is the left resist the most obvious answer, retired policemen armed in schools for children. why do people make fun of wayne lapierre for that. >> what are you going to have a policeman in every class. >> sean: absolutely, just like every bank, just like around every president and cabinet. >> that's wild, you want children surrounded by guns, that's the kind of country we
9:20 pm
live in now, every classroom. >> juan, juan. >> in every school. >> do you know what? you're making an argument that most members of the n.r.a. disagree with. most members of the n.r.a. according-- >> agrees with me he. >> our friend frank luntz, a good republican pollster, frank luntz had a poll out after aurora, he said most n.r.a. members want reasonable steps for gun safety. >> sean: all right coming up tonight, thank you both. you don't want to miss this sit-down interview i had today with donald trump. does he regret dropping out of the presidential race and the president nominates jack lew for treasury secretary. is this the right man for the job? supply costs... down... ...and down. just use your maxperks card and get a case of x-9 paper for only 1-cent after maxperks rewards. find thousands of big deals now... officemax. ♪
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person to continue tim's work at treasury than jack lew. jack has my complete trust. i know i'm not alone in that. in the words of one former senator having lew on your team is equivalent of a coach having the luxury having somebody to put in almost any position and he will do well. >> sean: that's president obama announcing jack lew for treasury secretary and while the president may believe that lew, his current chief of staff is the best for the job, top republicans are outraged by this pick. jeff sessions, a statement, jack lew must never be secretary of the treasury, his testimony before the senate budget committee was so outrageous and so false that alone disqualifies. what the senator is referring to, when lew had the audacity to say that the obama budget wouldn't add to the debt. >> will not increase the debt. we have interest payments and
9:25 pm
take a while to work down the interest payments. you didn't say that. you said we had a' be bringing down the debt during the period of this budget and we can look them in the eye and say we're not adding to the debt anymore, that's not accurate. >> no, i believe it is accurate. i don't disagree that we have to take on the debt and pay down the the debt and reduce the interest payments and the only thing i take issue with-- >> does this budget do it? >> i think we get to the point-- >> does it do it? >> it gets us to the point where we stop adding to the problem with our new spending. >> sean: all right. if the new treasury secretary thought the budget would not add to the debt i have to agree with senator sessions, the wrong man to so-called save america's economy. joining me with reaction, fox awes contributor charles krauthammer is back. charles, good to see you, welcome back. >> happy to be here. >> sean: maybe we should buy him a calculator. isn't he also one of those greedy bankers, citigroup, bailout and he got a bonus of nearly a million dollars, the same guy? i'm just checking? >> welsh the problem i have with him is his signature.
9:26 pm
(laughter) >> yeah. >> he clearly should have been a doctor. >> sean: that's probably, too. >> would have fit in perfectly. >> sean: that's going to be on our money very soon here. >> why. it looks like a fruit loop. >> sean: like-- can't read it. that will be on our money. there it is right there on the screen. all right, as a matter of fact, we actually sent ainsley, this is fun, charles, out on the street to can about it. >> hey, sean this signature could end up on everyone's dollar bill if president obama gets his way. we'll ask people if they can identify it. >> what does it look to you? >> i don't have an answer. >> the balloon things. >> like a balloon animal. >> wow, nice. >> you like it. >> i like it so much, it's very beautiful. >> i have no idea. >> it's someone's signature. >> really? yours? >> no. >> do you think the queen would sign her name like this?
9:27 pm
>> she's quite old, so may be. may be slip around a bit while she's writing. >> silliest looking signature. >> loopty loop. >> if president obama gets his way, this signature will be on the dollar bill. >> are you serious? >> what do you think. >> it's cool, and different. >> you like it. >> i think this looks ridiculous. looks like something-- >> my son could do better. >> something picasso would have made. >> ridiculous. >> why? >> it's child's scribble. nothing dignified about it. >> sean: that's the fun part. what do you make of the fact that he was so off on our debt for 2012? >> let me just say that that signature is the number of zeros, he's going to add to the national debt. >> sean: you're right, i agree. >> i had a big argument with him in print where he said, about the same time, that there was no need to reform social security because it tonight add a dime to the debt. i wrote a column saying that's completely false because, as
9:28 pm
the boomers retire, we're going to have to draw from the treasury and, obviously, obviously, to borrow the money from china to pay the shortfall in social security. so he then responded with a blog post at the white house that was pretending that there's a trust fund that will be paying off the debt social security. i had to respond in a second column that that's a fiction. but, look, i think this is what all administrations do. they try to pretend that their numbers will, in the end, add up. they don't. there's so much fiction in the budgets that i'm not sure it's only one side or the other. i think it's more egregious with the democrats because they've run up debts over a trillion dollars, and the smallest obama deficit is more than twice the largest bush deficit. so, these are historic, but look, this is the guy obama
9:29 pm
wants. i don't think you can get anybody really different in the treasury position, and i think in the end, he's going to be confirmed. >> sean: what do you think, standing back, big picture, because the president clearly wants a lot of fights. he's willing to fight on chuck hagel and here you have a guy, john brennan for the cia who said that jihad is a legitimate tenant of isl-- tenet of islam and he said that he's not going to allow the debt ceiling debate to be died to spending cuts which we desperately needs. he obviously -- he wants a fight. what do you make of the strategy that he's employed. >> i think what's happened to him is he feels that by winning a second term, with a slight addition of democrats in the house and the senate he now is, you know, king of the the world to quote an oscar winner of bygone days.
9:30 pm
and you noticed in these lists, look at the list of the major appointees, starting with brennan and hagel and these are nobody of independent stature. it's not like the first term where he had a clinton, where he had a gates, where he had people who could be a team of rivals. this is a team of essential, you know, fact totems. he wants to rule and he wants to govern and he will not let anybody stand in his way and i think that's what he's saying and he will take on any fight in order to get his people. he's announcing he wants to govern alone. >> sean: will they get confirmed? >> all of them, yes. i think in the case of hagel, i say the odds he gets a yes vote are about 3-2, a slight advantage. >> sean: all right. charles, always great to get your wit and your wisdom and your sense of humor tonight. >> you should see my signature.
9:31 pm
it's not a lot to write home about either. >> sean: all right. my mother wanted me to be a doctor. i obviously disappointed her. thanks, charles. >> well, i learned how to write badly in medical school. >> sean: you are a doctor, that's the point. thank you. and coming up next, i sit down with the one and only donald trump so what does he think about the gun control debate, the debt ceiling. what does he think about the republican party, the democratic party? does he intend on running in 2016? all of that plus his thoughts on the miss alabama controversy and bill maher. [ whistle blows ] hi victor! mom?
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>> and welcome back to "hannity." earlier today i sat down with the one and only donald trump. we covered a lot of ground on all the issues from gun control, the 2012 election and miss alabama, bill maher and whether or not he's going to throw his hat into the ring in the next four years, first, here is his take on the fiscal cliff and that crisis and the future of the republican party. >> you said about the fiscal cliff, and i agreed with you, it was a terrible deal. >> terrible. >> sean: does any republican have the ability to negotiate, you said? and then you said democrats are laughing at the republicans. >> well, actually i said the republicans are the worst negotiators in the history of the world, everything. because if obama and everybody, if 100%, which isn't 100%, it's 50% of the
9:36 pm
people, but many of obama's voters were actually forced to pay much higher taxes for three days, he would have come back and he would have given everything. you would have had the democrats exactly where you wanted them. it would have been retroactively brought back so nobody would have paid higher taxes, other than the rich, maybe, will have to pay a little bit of a penalty. and i think they're okay with that if they got the spending cuts. so, now what they did, they made a deal, they gave up on the tax increases. and now, i watched nancy pelosi the other day, who i respect, and she's been to my office, i respect her, but she's doing her thing from a different side and from a different belief. i watched nancy pelosi the other day saying, no, no, no, the taxes haven't stopped, they gave away something and now they're going to have to give it away again and i think it's amazing. and if the tax rates increase for everybody across the
9:37 pm
board, obama would have come in and he would have been virtually begging to make a deal. and you would have had spending cuts, and you would have had -- you could have put this country back on track. they lost all their --. >> sean: they got elected, too. >> i don't understand. you know, it's funny, and john boehner, who i know and like a lot, by the way, and i happen to think he's very capable, i just don't know what happened here. i don't understand it. the republicans, believe -- i've been saying the last few months the republicans have all the cards and not just talking about just the debt ceiling, and i'm worried about the debt ceiling 'cause i think the president's going to use the 14th amendment and we're going to end up in lawsuits for the next ten years. and so, i don't like the debt ceiling by itself as a point of strength. the strength was, let everybody pay-- let all of his supporters start paying more tax and em come to you and he will make-- that's called deal making 101, basic deal making. somebody said do they know how to make deals? i said it's not about deals,
9:38 pm
it's about common sense. >> sean: your book "the art of the deal" it says you should be willing to wake away from any deal at the last moment. weren't they afraid they'd go over the cliff and be blamed. they were blamed anyway, but wasn't that feared. >> no getting blame anyway, they have the lowest rating in the history of ratings, okay, like the lowest rating anybody's ever seen. and i heard that they were afraid of bad publicity. their publicity is horrible anyway and in two weeks everybody's going to forget about-- look at me, bad publicity, good, so much publicity is comes out of my ears. some good, some bad. they were worried, said it, they were worried about bad publicity. they're getting bad publicity anyway. sean, if they let the taxes, resets cuts expire, now everybody all of the supporters are forced to pay, he would have been force today make a deal, where you make a real deal. i've been saying don't make these little deals, make the
9:39 pm
one big deal and get it done. >> sean: and stop borrowing 46 out of every dollar. do you think if the republicans don't step up on the debt ceiling and don't stand as a bold contrast to the democrats, do you see the emergence of a third party? rig might you look at that? >> no, i think third parties are getting tough. i think it's tough to win as a republican. look, they lost on immigration and they're going to have to do something on immigration. our co place than 50 years ago. they're going to have to do something different fronts. and then popular candidates that will get 20% of the vote. >> sean: aren't they going to have to be the party that saves america from bankruptcy. >> they do-- they had such a great chance. i have to tell you as somebody who negotiates all day long, the deal hurt them. they had more cards a week ago than they have right now. they still have cards, but the cards aren't as good. >> sean: i actually think the cards are better. >> no, no, no, they're not.
9:40 pm
>> sean: let me tell you why. >> we should have gone over the cliff. >> sean: i agree. >> i hate the word the cliff, but-- it's a phony word by phony people, but we should have gone over the cliff and the democrats would have come begging for a deal and would have made any deal. so we're not in better shape. >> sean: now, the president, he cannot get more money and raise the debt ceiling. we've got 16 trillion dollars in debt. >> i'm telling you, he'll use the 14th amendment, sean. 's going to use this 414th amendment and when he's playing golf, hopefully at trump national in washington, i have the best course in washington and love to have him there. the president if you want to play my course in washington on the potomac river. it's beautiful. >> sean: never miss an opportunity. >> the best course in washington by far. when he's playing golf somewhere in six years, the supreme court will make a ruling whether or not he's allowed to use the 14th amendment. i say he's going to use the 14th amendment. >> don't forget, this is
9:41 pm
dangerous for america. >> it's almost a dictatorship. >> sean: he's going to bypass congress-- >> he couldn't have done that. >> sean: the second amendment. >> he couldn't have done that for the last group that he just got. >> sean: you think because of the cliff now he has more power? >> i think this: he couldn't have used the 14th amendment for what just took place. it doesn't apply to that, but it might apply, little tiny inkling that it might apply to the debt ceiling, but it didn't apply to the tax. >> sean: constitutionally, this is check mate, urge you to talk to your lawyer you probably talk to regularly, article 1, section 7 clearly spending begins in congress. >> it's clear that obamacare was not legal either. and excuse me, everybody sued and winning all the way up and a certain justice that was 100% against it who in order to become a favorite fair-haired boy in washington, went against his own beliefs, okay? >> what does it say about him if he's willing to circumvent the constitution?
9:42 pm
>> he's doing it and in my opinion for the debt ceiling he's going to use the 14th amendment and circumvent the problem. and i believe that the republicans are going to have a hard time. >> sean: coming up my sit-down with donald trump continues. does he have any regrets about not jumping into the 2012 presidential race? his surprising answer about that, bill maher and miss that, bill maher and miss alabama straight ahead. look, if you have copd like me, you know it can be hard to breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops.
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>> welcome back to "hannity."
9:46 pm
here is more of my exclusive interview with donald trump. >> both of us were this week, quote, outed as gun owners. this has happened to both of us also in the the past. >> right. >> sean: and i look at this and i'm thinking, wait a minute, cops have been outed, this journal news gives the names and addresses. >> it's terrible. >> sean: it's terrible because now the criminals know where the gun owners are. >> and by the way, the criminals won't go there. they'll go to the ones who don't it. >> sean: they know who don't have the guns. >> they're not going to the ones that have the guns, they're going to the ones who don't have the guns. >> sean: and criminals will go to the cops who have arrested them in the past. very dangerous. >> i think that the journal news was a disgrace and you have some people who have a gun for protection because they're hiding and these were the case ins s in my opinion egregious, and the woman is hiding from a stalker and the stalker knows where she lives and she had a gun to protect
9:47 pm
herself and now the stalker knows. you have many cases like that. the people running the prisons. i mean, you have a lot of problems that are caused by this outing. and i think it was a shame. >> sean: yeah, i do, too. how important is the the second amendment to you? >> it's important. it's very important. you're talking in terms of protection? >> i'm talking the debate now. >> yeah. >> sean: after the tragedy at newtown. >> yeah, it's protection. look, i have friends that would literally -- they're gun people and i do have a permit for a gun as i think you do, i read the same list. >> sean: we're on the same list. >> i feel friends that feel that without guns they have no protection. they live in a house and if the bad guys come in with guns and they're sitting there with nothing. >> sean: sitting ducks. >> they have no chance. now, with the whacko that attacked the movie theater or attacked the school, there were no guns in that school. if you had a couple of guys
9:48 pm
that knew about guns and understood guns and knew how to use guns. >> sean: retired policemen? >> you would have a hell of a shot at stopping that guy before he it did the damage he did. there was nobody, i mean, they got lucky his gun jammed. if he gun didn't jam it would have been ten times worse. the gun jammed. if you had somebody with guns on the other side and that's the problem, if you could take everybody's gun, not a gun in the country, that's one thing, but that's never going to happen. i think i read the other day, there are 300 million arms right now in-- >> talking about now. >> 300 million. >> sean: we protect our money with guns. we protect our politicians with guns. our cabinet officials with guns. hollywood stars are protected with guns and armed guards, but law abiding citizens now they're talking about taking away their rights. what do you think of obama now reelected, he wins the fiscal cliff debate, he's going into new negotiations. he seems emboldened, unencumbered about having to run for reelection.
9:49 pm
>> hey, af li have a lot of respect for the guy. and i liked romney, he did not resonate. and obama played the rich guy/poor guy. there are a lot more poor people than rich people. even though the job creators are what historically made this whole thing work, but i have a lot of respect for obama. people think i don't respect him. i respect him a lot. i think his story is an amazing story, what people like him or don't like him? he ran a tough campaign. >> he ran a tough campaign. took a long time for romney to get tough and they told him please don't be so tough at the first debate and he disappeared. such a fine man with a fine family and he disappeared, something happened after the first debate. he did a wonderful job. now they're saying they told him to take it easy. i don't know if that's true, sean, it's hard to believe
9:50 pm
that it's true because that's common sense, also. >> sean: i was told they thought they were ahead, no need to rock the boat, don't bring up benghazi during the final debate. >> well, i hated when tag romney, i think is a fantastic young man, i've met him a few times, i think he's fantastic, but when he said his father didn't really want to be president that, his mother, who's incredible, and him, primarily, wanted him to run and were really pushing him, and you know, a lot of times if i miss a deal i'll be disappointed, i didn't want it in the first place, makes me feel better. when you're running for president, it's different because you have thousands and millions of people working for you and i know friends that worked so hard and devastated by that statement. we worked so hard and he didn't want to be president? >> do you regret, a, either supporting mitt or getting out yourself. >> well, i don't regret supporting him, but in the end i thought it was going to be a very, very tough race and
9:51 pm
very, very close race despite some of the people that were on your show, saying it was going to be a landslide which i never understood. >> sean: i never believed. >> i thought a tough and close race. i think sandy hurt. i think a lot of things hurt, but i always felt it was going to be close and they give the advantage to the incumbent because he went around saying i'm going to give billions here, and here. >> sean: sandy hurt a lot. >> i think that sandy hurt, but i don't think-- i think the debates, in the end the debates were devastating. the performance of the second debate was poor, but the performance in the third debate was a total catastrophe. >> sean: you were disappointed you got out, and wish you ran. >> you know i was leading in every poll, but i thought that mitt could do a good job and he could win because his stance on china was good and china is ripping us off and opec is ripping us off, he was good as far as i was concerned and now i'm disappointed i did that, yes. >> sean: coming up, will donald trump make a run in
9:52 pm
2016. he answers that question as we conclude my interview and what conclude my interview and what does he think a a a a a [ale announcer ] staples is the number-one office superstore ink retailer in america. now t $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recyc when you spend $50 on hp in staples. th was easy. ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit.
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>> welcome back on "hannity" as i continue my interview with the always outspoken
9:56 pm
donald trump and talks about his feud with bill maher and take on the miss alabama controversy and finally, does he have political aspirations for 2016. big news for you, you're in the news all the time. >> seems like it. >> sean: let's start with bill maher, if anybody calls anybody-- spawned by an orangutan or whatever the comment was, i think there would be a lot of outrage. >> he was on the jay leno show and essentially talking about an orangutan, i never had problems with the look, maybe i do. he said horrible things and horrible things about my parents who are deceased. fantastic people, married for 63 years, just great, great people and then he made an offer on the show that involved my birth certificate and other things and was a 5 million dollar offer to charity, and i immediately accepted his offer and sent a
9:57 pm
legal letter to him by a legal lawyer, and told me you have a case as soon as you accept his offer. we sent him a bill, legal representation for 5 million dollars, here is the-- i don't know if he has 5 million dollars, maybe he doesn't, but he made an offer of 5 million dollars. i accepted the offer. and all of that money will go to great charities, including sandy victims. >> sean: and if he doesn't pay? >> then i'll sue him. >> sean: what about the double standard? >> it's terrible. can you imagine if you said that, as an example, about president obama. >> sean: no, i'd be finished. >> if you said that about almost anybody on that side, but if you said that about president obama, you would be immediately, as great as roger ailes is, nobody like him. we all love him. amazing guy. he's the best. he would fire you so fast and you wouldn't have a chance. so, why is it that somebody can go on a show and call me an orangutan and all of the horrible things he said about me and my parents, whos' never
9:58 pm
met, doesn't know anything about him, and nobody says anything except me. i sent him a bill. >> sean: so you're taking this to the end? >> i'm going to sue him if he doesn't pay the money. i have a great lawyer, won 5 million dollars for me when i went after the beauty queen. the beauty queen, girl from pennsylvania said terrible things about the miss usa pageant which i own. now, we have arthur anderson to tabulate the votes and 12 or so celebrities and they come up, i don't care who wins, whoever wins wins, i hope it's a good winner because we have to live with her for a year and we have great people. like as an example, miss alabama was a contestant last year, she did great in the top ten. >> sean: speaking of katherine webb, miss alabama, this was a great moment because brent musburger, a great broadcaster. >> excellent. by the way, i think he's better now than before that, and i thought it was so nice. she's beautiful. i was watching. and i said, you know, it's
9:59 pm
strange, but a lot of times they focus on like a beautiful girlfriend of the football player or a beautiful woman in the audience, they never say anything, have a picture of somebody, now, here they focused she's extremely beautiful and you know, she's in my pageant system and happens to be a great person and the people at the alabama pageant said she's fabulous, as a person. very charitable and everything else. and it was so different because he said, wow, what a beautiful woman. bah, bah, bah. >> and exactly what america was thinking. >> she got interviewed and called me could i get her for the today show. i got her because she didn't want to do any interviews. she didn't want to do the interview and i spoke to her and got her to do the today show and she was fantastic on the today show. but they said were you insulted? no, actually i thought it was a great compliment. >> sean: flattering, i think. >> and where in the world this political correctness is killing this country. we're not allowed to say anything-- of course you can say it against trump or perhaps you and a couple of other people, say whatever you
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